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Agenda 21, reducing the population and removing the property right

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Agenda 21 is a controversial program, which was adopted at the beginning of the last century, aiming at the urban development of the signatory states.

Agenda 21 was elaborated and signed by many countries in 1922. From then until now the points of this project have been changed decisively.

The implementation by the local administration of Agenda 21 was prepared by ICLEI for the Rio + 5 Forum of the Earth Council (April 13-19, 1992 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), for the 5th session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development and for the UN.

The Agenda 21 act contains exactly 40 chapters divided into 4 sections, which suggest that certain passages were not made public, without mentioning exactly what kind of data were considered as non-broadcast elements for the reading of the world.

The major objectives of Act 21 consist in reducing the world’s population by 50% and denationalizing all small countries , in favor of forming a political-geographical union on its own. It was proposed to form European, North American, African, Asian, South American and Oceanic Unions. These agenda items 21 do not appear in any of the official brochures published, but they form the most discussed topic in the comments of journalists who have studied all UN material.

Decrease in population

It is no longer a secret to anyone that our planet is undergoing general global changes. These changes are due to the large number of the world’s population, pollution and excessive consumption of resources.

A conspiracy theory holds that in 1997 it was decided that the planet should be saved by any means and one of them would be population declines by 2030.

It is estimated that we want to reduce the population by 50% in order for our planet to recover.

Economic and social dimensions

This amendment addresses the need for the total elimination of private property, the abolition of the right to succession by eliminating any type of inheritance, regulating the UN world government’s attribution of land, buildings, agricultural crops, marine, air space, mineral deposits, and intellectual property. Everything is designed in the interests of the “community of the planet”.

This measure contains very interesting objectives:

Elimination of property rights

Development of multi-purpose buildings. At the ground floor of each building there are companies where the tenants of the block will work.

Developing toll roads and raising fuel prices, so that people don’t move so easily.

Conservation and management of world resources

This measure starts from the premise that everything, their own land, buildings, waters, air forests, airspace, submarine continental shelf, livestock, trees and all species of plants and animals, must become resources in the exclusive heritage of the UN.

Human society will be stopped from using certain land surfaces on all continents to facilitate the development of the animal and botanical kingdom. In this respect, it was forbidden to use timber and wood of any kind.

It has been proposed to store radioactive waste at the bottom of the oceans, in polar areas and in wells drilled to depths of tens of thousands of meters.

Means of implementation

For these measures to work, there is a need for a single government, which oversees the smooth running of society.

Brazilian journalist Joaquin Beller in his 1993 book, “A Holocaust Agenda,” writes that the UN’s goals are poetic and extreme of humanitarianism, hiding the true intention to capture the supreme power in the world:

“A person who has his own land can decide what to do. To raise cattle, pigs, birds or agricultural crops. The person who has no land will buy cereals, meat, vegetables from the one who works the land. If you lose the right to own land, and the right to make decisions, you are no longer a worker interested in producing a concrete valuation, but you become a lazy summer waste. The UN is trying to turn the whole world into a mass of wasted people, to keep them queued for food. Is this what we need? ”

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Katrina cooper January 27, 2020 - 5:42 am

Do you have a link to Joaquin Ballets 1993 book “the holocaust Agenda”? I have been pn several search engines and can’t find him or his book.


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