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Alien-Humanoids Walking Among Us – CCTV Footage Analysed

by Alien UFO Sightings
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The fact that Aliens are walking among us not a secret anymore.

The aliens are shapeshifters, and we can’t see them as they really are, they prefer to remain undetected by the sleeping population that we call sheeple.

Cameras can see what human eye can not. In this CCTV footage we got two alien humanoids walking, dressed normally, but their faces look non-human at all.

Aliens and Reptilians use Crystal Holographic Technology to hide their real shape,and they operate in a lower frequency than us, and human sense can’t reach.

OPEN YOUR MIND! They Live Among Us, it is a well known fact !


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1 comment

Boghos L. Artinian MD May 13, 2020 - 10:44 am

The accidental or purposeful arrival of ‘Socially compatible’ aliens among us may go as easily unnoticed by us, as would the arrival of foreign immunologically compatible cells through our veins, in a blood transfusion go unnoticed by our corporeal cells accommodating them!

Boghos L. Artinian MD


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