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The Mysterious Connection of the Pyramids of Giza with Orion’s Belt

by Alien UFO Sightings
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The theory of Orion been connected to the position of the pyramids has already become a classic ever since the book The Mystery of Orion, written by Robert Bauval first appeared in the 1990s.

One of the main arguments of this book was that three if the biggest pyramids of the Giza plateau are perfectly aligned following a predetermined pattern of the sky, imitating the three-star belonging to the Orion Belt.

Unlike most pyramids around the world, the pyramids from Giza feature no inscriptions. According to Bauval, it is an anomaly that provides us with the challenge to decipher the main purpose of the Giza Pyramid Complex.

There are three main reasons for the Pyramids to be connected or related to the Orion constellation.

First, all the pyramids point toward the Milky Way, which is the galaxy where the Orion Belt is located.

Moreover, the smallest pyramid is somehow misaligned, so that it is arranged according to the position of the stars that make up the Orion constellation.

Finally, it is interesting to see that all pyramids coincide in the direction of Orion.

Conventional archaeology does not accept the Orion connection. One of the arguments against this theory is that the three pyramids are in fact aligned, and not misaligned, to reflect the three stars of the Orion Belt.

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