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An Alien Race colonized the Solar System by building Pyramids on Mars and the Moon

by Alien UFO Sightings
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In several photographs of the Moon and Mars it is possible to see buildings of various types including the pyramids. But a question arises: has an alien race built buildings, pyramids and underground bases in the solar system? Well … surely one or more extraterrestrial races have built pyramidal structures and other buildings on Earth, on the Moon, on Mars and on other planets in our star system. The many images that can be found on the Internet and in some rare publications are usually censored and not officially released and show the presence of alien structures in the solar system.

NASA has deliberately hidden the signs of "Extraterrestrial Life" on Venus

For NASA, everything related to alien structures discovered on other planets does not have to be in the public domain. For conspiracy theorists, there is no doubt that the Moon, Mars and other planets of the solar system hide ancient vestiges belonging to ancient space travelers, that is, a technologically evaded race (perhaps the Amunnaki?) Who colonized and built artificial structures that would not have been difficult to detect.

The theory of the presence of artificial structures built by an intelligent alien race on the moon is not new. Over the years, countless photos of strange lights and other abnormal structures such as pyramids and other buildings have attracted the attention of ufologists, who have identified buildings with complex architectures that would not have been built by primitive Earthmen.

For example, the “Clementine” space probe was able to capture high resolution photos of the Moon’s surface. So during over 300 orbits, he had the opportunity to collect significant data. Those who waited to see high resolution images from Earth were however very surprised when the United States Navy that ran the Climentine mission published their first series of images. They were heavily pixelated, modified in low resolution Gif format, as if few details had been extracted from the images, which should have been made available to the public instead.

Many areas of lunar interest had been intentionally darkened, as if NASA and the Navy were hiding something big. This can be clearly seen in the case of the images relating to the “Rainer Gamma” region, a high albedo area 40 miles west of the Reiner crater. The official explanation of the darkened area would be the “data loss”, but we all know that this is not the case.

Region: “Rainer Gamma”

This deliberate suppression becomes even more evident in the famous photos of the moon towers and beyond. Even the images of Mars have been modified and many obscured to suppress the truth about the presence of inexplicable structures.

A very interesting discovery on Mars concerns that in which many structures with clear signs of construction made by technologically advanced beings are visible. These are ancient alien ruins. If they had been found on Earth, people would have no hesitation. However this is Mars, and since knowing that alien life existed so close to Earth would have really shaken the whole world. This is why NASA doesn’t want the world to know about it.

NASA wants to keep it secret to see if they could find any kind of alien technology that could be useful to the United States. Imagine finding a broken computer on Mars … and bringing it back, only to find that the computer has an alien version of artificial intelligence. NASA downloads the program and integrates it into modern technology today, using it to control the world. Well this would be the most likely scenario.

Alien structure on the moon but clouded by NASA
3D photography of the surface of Venus highlights a mysterious structure

There is photographic evidence that something was artificially built on the Moon, Mars, Venus and other planets in the solar system. There are structures on the surface of the Red Planet and structures on Venus, found in countless images taken from space probes, such as the NASA MRO that has long been mapping the whole red planet.

Pyramid on Mars

From Apollo’s mission to the International Space Station, there are enough images to create a strong argument when it comes to visits by extraterrestrial races. There are things that even science cannot explain. Whether it’s the Earth, the Moon or Mars, the UFO phenomenon (now better Extraterrestrial Reality) is everywhere, and one of the puzzling and most interesting statements made in recent years comes from General Albert Stubblebine, a major general who was also the commander General at the commands of the Security Command (INSCOM), more exactly, at the head of the US Army Intelligence.

General Stubblebine declared before his death that alien structures connected to underground tunnels exist on Mars

In his latest interview, Stubblebine stated: “ there are constructions on the surface of Mars, on the Moon and on other planets in the solar system that are the work of an ancient technologically advanced alien race. There are buildings and other structures on Mars that are connected with underground areas of unimaginable size. There are also machines on the surface of Mars. Structures below the surface of Mars obviously cannot be seen by probe cameras such as the 1976 Voyager. I also say that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines below the surface of Mars that you can look at but only through the “Signs” of their presence. “.

“You can only find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and many details about them. The rovers on Mars are sent only to make people believe that Mars is just a desolate planet. True yes, but only in part but there are some areas where vegetation still exists and in some photographs taken by the MRO probe you can see them. Under its surface are hidden secret bases and ancient alien bases and on the surface there are pyramids and domes that have also been photographed and often photographs hidden or manipulated by NASA . “

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