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Astronomer says finding aliens will ‘probably’ take a long time

by Alien UFO Sightings
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If you had hopes of finding E.T. anytime soon, one astronomer is about to burst your bubble.

Speaking at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington last month, Massachusetts Institute of Technology astronomer Sara Seager said it’s going to be a long slog before we find an advanced civilization in space.

“It’s probably something that’s going to be a slow discovery, not like the little green humanoids arriving here on Earth scaring everybody,” Seager said in comments obtained by Space.com. “It’s probably going to take a long time.”

She added that a slow discovery could potentially make it more palatable for humanity to process the discovery.

In addition to her professorship at MIT, Seager is also NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) deputy science director. TESS recently announced it would team up with the Breakthrough Listen project in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

“We are very enthusiastic about joining the Breakthrough Listen SETI search,” Seager said at the time of the collaboration. “Out of all the exoplanet endeavors, only SETI holds the promise for identifying signs of intelligent life.”

A comprehensive study published in June found no evidence of extraterrestrial life among more than 1,300 stars in close proximity to Earth, a hunt that spanned more than three years.

A separate study published that month drastically cut the number of planets that could potentially host intelligent life, noting that the definition for the “habitable zone” – the distance between a planet and star – “is likely limited relative to that for microbial life.”

In October, a former NASA scientist published a stunning op-ed that said he is convinced that the space agency “found evidence of life” on Mars in the 1970s. NASA has vehemently denied this claim.

Source nypost.com

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1 comment

Frederick December 17, 2019 - 8:33 pm

My comment is not spam for you have asked for comments by asking readers to leave a reply. My comment is:
Regardless of what this Sara Seager says the Alien and UFO phenomenon has already been solved. We the Human Race, have been under observation by Alien intelligent Beings because the Human Race used a nuclear weapon to destroy part of its own Race! So they have been watching for many decades because they are very interested in moving against the Human Race because we have demonstrated this higher technology. This is not the only reason for their interest. If I say that the Alien Race that is observing us, is a Race that lives in a world system of conformity. Here, everything is controlled by conformity. I am not speaking of the conformity we use in our manufacturing processes, but is a genetic conformity used to grade their species into Beings of useful and predictable Beings. Here all the lower cast are created to form a purpose for their world within their societies. There is no such thing as freedom of movement, Freedom of speech or the freedom to go and be whatever they wish to be. They are born to fit a purpose, and if they are not completely conforming to that purpose they are destroyed and replaced. They come from a world that prefers this system to enable the elite of that world to rule without the risk of revolt and uprising. They do this by designing the gene structure of the beings to ensure they will be compliant and subordinate. These Aliens are the ones observing our world and the freedom we have. They have carried out abductions of Human Beings during the times of their observations, this is a process of recognisance to gain information for their move against humanity. They have developed their own breed of species to replace the species that is the sovereign Race of this planet ,and their agenda is well underway. You know already of the Hybrid beings that have arrived in our world, well these are the replacement species. The Human race will be removed and replaced without a shot being fired, if we do not resist this threat. So this Sara Seager need to rethink her information here.


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