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There is a deeply disturbing, an incredibly dark side to the idea of UFO visitations. Accumulating evidence shows that when UFOs appear in our skies, they aren’t always just an intriguing sighting for observers to try to capture on camera. Worse things sometimes happen when such objects manifest above us. Much worse!

Often, creatures in the vicinity of such sightings soon begin to die. Furthermore, they don’t die easily or peacefully. In fact, the nature of their deaths is horrible for us even to have to contemplate, let alone actually have to view as the animals’ owners and local authorities have repeatedly had to do when investigating such strange deaths.

Cattle, sheep, sometimes even horses and other animals, and whether here in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or other countries, are often subjected to the equivalent of major torture. They suffer harsh and terribly painful surgeries. Evidence shows this occurs without the aid of any anesthetics or painkillers to help alleviate such suffering. In short, they are made to agonize horribly over a prolonged period before finally achieving the dubious escape of dying. 

Then when the horrific deeds are ultimately accomplished on these poor beasts, their carcasses are unceremoniously discarded. They are simply tossed or thrown away as if they were so much mere refuse, and not having once been living creatures. In some cases, it seems this happens by simply dropping their bodies onto the ground from high above. 

In short, the extraterrestrials seem to have obtained what they wanted and afterwards, they didn’t care at all about what they had done to such creatures. They, the extraterrestrials, seem to regard the animals as temporarily useful objects. They are just things that are easily and readily available sources for whatever they want and nothing more. 

This behavior on the part of such extraterrestrials would seem to show a complete lack of compassion or basic caring. Furthermore, the way they proceed in obtaining what they desire would have to be considered actually evil by our concept of humane standards. We have laws protecting animals from such forms of torture, agony, and seemingly pointless suffering. 

In fact, even as this article is being written, a federal law in the United States is being passed in this regard. Although these laws aren’t perfect, are often ignored by some, still such legislation does exist on a more or less worldwide basis and is enforced much more often than not in many countries. We, as enlightened humans, don’t wish to allow animals to suffer so cruelly and horribly.

Yes, for decades, we have known about this, about cattle, sheep, horses, and other types of bovine or equine animal mutilations occurring. The signs of such terrible deaths in these animals are almost mundane now in the similarity of their appalling characteristics, so common and recurring are they. Livestock mutilations have been known to happen on almost every continent of our world, and repeatedly so. 

Organs such as eyes, tongues, rectum, and genitals are often removed with a laser-like surgical preciseness that precludes any blood loss. Yet even so, the animals are often drained of all blood and sometimes have had internal organs missing from them, as well, although how this

last is accomplished is still a matter of some considerable conjecture. No blood, or very little, is found on or around the bodies of such animals.

As dreadful as all this is, this butchering in piecemeal of animals while still alive, many of us still cling to the notion that it is just beasts of the field that are undergoing such atrocious and excruciating procedures, and not us humans. Moreover, humans aren’t saints in this regard, either. We kill animals all the time, as well. We do it for meat, biological research, and various other purposes. 

So aliens kill animals, too, so what? Right?

Well, aside from the fact that the way they kill them is horrendous, a growing body of evidence indicates this isn’t just happening to livestock animals after all, but is also occurring with people, as well.

Does this information alarm you? It should. The idea of humans also being mutilated just like cattle and sheep, and while still alive and without the benefit of any anesthetics during the process, is a frightening one. Yet, although we may fixate on such horrible events as just individual bizarre cases, as with the infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident, still, we seem to ignore the overall pattern. We avoid the inevitable conclusions that such an array of similar events combined must inevitably bring us to. Why is this? 

Well, there is one obvious reason we don’t pursue this subject to its logical conclusion: we’re afraid! We are scared to go in that dark direction. We are just too frightened to contemplate just what such awful conclusions might mean for us as humans. 

Therefore, we prefer to regard such incidents on an individual basis only. We persist in treating them as just anomalies, oddities, or the occasional rare and/or bizarre events. Steadfastly, we refuse to link such events together, to collate, compare, or assess them in their entirety, to see them as an overall body of evidence constituting proof of a pattern for unspeakable crimes against humanity. Put another way, we are in denial—full denial!

You see, there is ample evidence for these things occurring and not just as singular events, but rather as an ongoing and ghastly pattern. Because of the limitations on space for this article, here are just a few examples. These are extracts from various sources, whose websites can be found in the section, References, below:

1.     Dyatlov Pass Incidence. As Wikipedia describes this event:

“In 1959, a group was formed for a skiing expedition across the northern Urals in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Soviet Union. Igor Dyatlov, a twenty-three-year-old radio engineering student at the Ural Polytechnical Institute (Уральский политехнический институт, УПИ; now Ural Federal University) was the leader who assembled a group of nine others for the trip, most of whom were fellow students and peers at the university.[1] Each member of the group, which consisted of eight men and two women, was an experienced Grade II-hiker with ski tour experience, and would be receiving Grade III certification upon their return.[2] At the time, this was the highest certification available in the Soviet Union, and required candidates to traverse 300 kilometres (190 mi).[2] The goal of the expedition was to reach Otorten (Отортен), a mountain 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north of the site of the incident. This route, in February, was estimated as Category III, the most difficult.”

Memorial Stone for Dyatlov Pass Group
Memorial Stone for Dyatlov Pass Group

However, and despite the well-experienced skiing backgrounds of the participants in this excursion, tragedy of the strangest sort struck the entire group, except for one. A student felt too ill to go on the planned trip and so stayed behind. He lived. All the others died under bizarre circumstances. They died, having apparently fled their tent, not by the normal tent exit, but by frantically having cut their way out of the back and sides of their shelter. They then went running out into the frigid Siberian night, apparently fleeing in sheer panic. They were only partially clad in clothing, and in some cases, were even shoeless.

Furthermore, some died of exposure, hypothermia, as a result. This occurred despite their having been able to go back to their campsite just a few hundred yards away to get protective clothing later on…if they had so chosen. Apparently, they did not so choose! 

Furthermore, evidence shows that some suffered strange wounds, such as intense trauma, as of the type one might endure in a car crash, etc. Also, the bodies in some cases appear to have been mutilated, with one student even missing a tongue, and another having had the eyes gouged out.

One thing not often noted, but reported by multiple witnesses at various times was the fact that strange glowing orange spheres of light had been seen in the night skies over the general area just prior to the tragedy. What were these orange spheres? Why were they there? Exactly what frightened and panicked experienced outdoorspeople to flee the warmth and security of their camp to run virtually naked out into subzero weather in the middle of the night in such a hostile environment, as Siberia, of all places? 

Why were their bodies in such terrible condition? Why did at least one group of them try to start a fire for warmth when again, their campsite and all the clothing they needed was just a very short distance away from them? These people preferred to risk freezing to death, which some of them did (those not dead from strange physical traumas) rather than simply go back and get their shoes and coats. 

This in an incredibly bizarre thing to do. It was as if they didn’t dare leave the safety of the woods they had sought as refuge, that they were in too much fear to venture out into the open spaces where their campsite was located. Fear of the most powerful sort could only explain such a reluctance to simply fetching what they needed to survive. Was it fear of extraterrestrials,

whatever guided or inhabited those strange glowing orange spheres of light? It could well have been….

In conclusion, the facts show they died under horrible conditions and that they died in panic and fear, and with massive physical trauma to some. Moreover, there seems to be solid evidence that several of the students suffered mutilations to their bodies. The facts also show strange objects were sighted in the area repeatedly at the time of their deaths. Does this sound familiar? Is this tragic event perhaps not just a little too similar to the circumstances surrounding the mutilations and deaths of livestock? It would seem so.

2. “The baffling case of the miner whose body was found on a pile of coal. ‘Ziggy’ Adamski disappeared from his home and his body was found 20 miles away on a coal pile….”

Zigmund Adamski
Zigmund Adamski

This is an interesting and frightening case, as well, because after all was said and done, even the coroner half-suspected it was the work of extraterrestrials. As the original report in the Daily Mirror Newspaper of the United Kingdom stated: 

The story of how this conclusion came about is actually a simple and straightforward one…as far as it goes. However, it does leave us with some interesting mysteries and ones terrifying in their nature. As this portion of the original Examiner Newspaper article stated (condensed version): 

“The disappearance of a Yorkshire miner in 1980 left police baffled and prompted ‘alien abduction’ conspiracy theories. Zigmund Adamski went missing in mysterious circumstances from his home in Thornfield Crescent at Tingley, near Wakefield, in June 1980. The 56-year-old miner at Lofthouse Colliery – who was known to many as ‘Ziggy’ – had set off on June 6 on a walk to the local shops to buy groceries.

“The coroner, James Turnbull, found that Mr Adamski had died of a heart attack, but the ointment could not be identified in any toxological analysis. Speaking in 1993, the coroner admitted that it was his most baffling case and if UFOs had been said to be involved, he would only have raised ‘half an eyebrow’.”

It was the last time that Polish-born Mr Adamski was seen alive. His wife Lottie’s initial suspicion was that he had been kidnapped. Five days after he disappeared, coal yard worker Trevor Parker found his body on top of a 10ft high pile of coal at his father’s coal yard in Todmorden, around 20 miles from Tingley.”

The article also stated that: 

“He was wearing a suit but his shirt was missing, as were his watch and wallet. His clothes were said to be ‘improperly’ fastened and he had only one day of beard growth. Mr Adamski’s hair had also been cropped short in a ‘roughly cut’ manner. His body was also covered in burn marks, on his head, neck and shoulders. His face, it was reported, showed ‘absolute terror’ but there were no injuries to explain the cause of death. The burns were said to be covered in a strange ointment which could not be identified by scientists.

What had happened to him and how did he end up in Todmorden?

Those questions haven’t been answered but this hasn’t stopped speculation and the development of some quite outlandish theories. One tabloid newspaper suggested that Zigmund had been abducted and killed by aliens and his body dumped on top of the coal pile.

Others put forward theories that he had been killed by KGB forces or had been left dazed and confused after being struck by ‘ball lightning’ or some other unidentified phenomenon.

The ‘alien abduction’ theories were given a further boost by Alan Godfrey, the policeman who had been called to the Todmorden coal yard when Mr Adamski’s body had been found.

In November 1980, five months after Mr Adamski’s body was found, Constable Godfrey had his own encounter with a UFO less than a mile away from the coal yard. The respected policeman made a sketch of the UFO and later, under hypnosis, told a story about being taken aboard the UFO and given a physical examination by two non-human entities. The policeman’s UFO story made headlines around the world….”

The article further stated: 

“He thinks that Mr Adamski didn’t die where he was found but had been placed there “by someone or something.”

He also added: 

“He was on top of the coal pile on his back with not a bit of coal on him. His eyes were wide open and he had burn marks. Why would he climb up a stack of coal?

Although the coroner recorded an open verdict, ruling that Mr Adamski had died of a heart attack, Mr Godfrey says there are unanswered questions.

‘There was some ointment on the back of his neck. Samples were sent to a Home Office laboratory which couldn’t identify it.’ 

Mr Godfrey said he would never forget the look on Mr Adamski’s face. ‘Those eyes were staring up at me. I was looking down on him from a foot away. Those eyes sent a shudder down my spine. They were wide open. He had a look of someone who had seen something or someone that had scared him to death.’”

He stated: “Something or someone put him on top of that pile of coal. And something scared him to death.

Later, Mr Godfrey spoke to the pathologist who carried out the post mortem on Mr Adamski’s body.

He said it was a classic case of someone who had been scared to death.

The former policeman has no idea how the body ended up on the coal pile.

How he got there I don’t know. I think something put him there.

UFO researchers speculated that Mr Adamski had been the victim of a botched abduction and was dropped onto the coal heap after his death.”

The facts in this case are simple if incomplete. Somehow, a man who was merely taking a short walk to the shops disappeared only to be found again days later lying on top of a coal heap. Yet despite this location, the body had no coal dust on it and so had to have either been somehow carried to the top of the coal heap by others, or “dropped” there by “something.” Why any human agency would have bothered to climb such a coal pile to do this begs all logic. It would have been far easier to have dumped the man’s cadaver at the bottom of the pile and simply shoveled or piled some coal on top of it to hide the evidence. 

So who placed the man there? Who was responsible for the burns and the strange, unidentifiable ointment found on him? Why was his face contorted with fear and horror, even in death? What caused his heart failure? 

Authorities who have gone to great lengths to investigate this matter are at a loss. However, it would seem UFO researchers have some strong ideas of their own about the causes and point to the available evidence to back their hypothesis that the man was abducted, subjected to some type of invasive procedure during which he was smeared with ointment and somehow burned (by electrical means, as some are with cardio resuscitation equipment?) and then unceremoniously dropped atop a coal pile when he died.

Regardless of how one chooses to look at this case, one has to say that the UFO/extraterrestrial implications are certainly there! Moreover, yet again we have someone who showed extreme fear, a fright so powerful it may have brought on a fatal heart attack. Additionally, shortly after this event occurred, a UFO was sighted nearby.

3. Mutilated Body of Man Discovered Near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This final example (and there are many more!) of a horrendous case is that of a man whose body was found by the edge of a reservoir in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The body was discovered by a young boy lying on the verge near a reservoir there. This was September of 1988, although the news about this terrible tragedy wasn’t made fully public until a number of years later, 1993, when the actual coroner’s report was finally leaked by a person or persons unknown. This is truly a terrible tale, but quite true. 

As one UFO investigator, G. Cope Schellhorn put it: 

“If this case is authentically UFO-related – and at this time I have no reason to believe it is not – then all of us are going to have to reevaluate to one degree or another our tentative conclusions as to the possible specific intentions, moral perspectives and general agenda that some of our extraterrestrial visitors may have.”

Why does he say this? Well, because of the state of the body when it was discovered. Among other atrocities, it seems the man’s rectum had been “cored” out from him. His testicles had been removed, along with part of his jawbone. His eyes had been excised. Holes under his arms and one in his stomach seem to have been points of exit where internal organs had been removed. What’s more, the man’s face was set in a rictus of fear (again, we have that evidence of the person being extremely frightened as they died). Moreover, the autopsy showed that the type of brain trauma the man suffered was of the type often induced by sheer agony, terror, and horror. Moreover, no blood was found around the body.

Reservoir, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Reservoir, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Finally, evidence shows there was nothing in the man’s system to alleviate pain and that the process of body parts being removed from him was done while he was still alive and without the aid of any type of anesthetic or other paralyzing/pain-killing compounds being used. Again, the man died because of extreme physical agony, fear, and horror. The photographs of the terrors inflicted upon the man are available online, and a link is available below in the reference section, but none are shown here in this article because of their extremely disturbing nature. 

Why is this of concern to us as a UFO related case of mutilation? Well, as G. Cope Schellhorn also stated:

“There have been rumors of homicidal, UFO-related, human mutilation cases for some time now but hard evidence has been lacking. Until, perhaps, now. Brazilian ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia and Dr. Rubens Goes have recently presented a series of sensational photographs, obtained from police files which mimic the wounds of countless UFO-related animal mutilation cases that have been reported in Europe and North, Central and South America since the 1960s. On first glance they would seem to be ufology’s worst nightmare.”

Indeed, as Schellhorn states, they do seem to be “ufology’s worst nightmare,” because they show that extraterrestrial visitations might well be, and do in fact seem to be extremely dangerous for anyone who might happen to be in their vicinity. Alien abductions by UFOs might just be the tip of a terrible iceberg, one that shows alien visitors have no problems, ethically or morally, about kidnapping people and subjecting them to painful and intrusive surgical procedures. 

The fact the victims are then made to forget such things does not obviate the fact of their having happened. People are seemingly abducted against their will and some now say the evidence is overwhelming, that over a million people now claim to have been so abducted by extraterrestrials. They are, for want of a better word, “tortured” by their abductors. Again, the fact of these aliens having then made them forget this, for a time at least, does not excuse or make what they did “okay.” They violated basic human rights in just about every way imaginable.

Yet, we now see there is even a far deadlier and frightening side to all of this. It would seem that not all abductees are returned in reasonable health, despite having been captured and tortured. Others are mutilated beyond belief, killed, or caused to die from heart failure or brain seizures due to the terrible fear and physical trauma they suffered. Their bodies in such cases, are then unceremoniously dumped, after having been carved up, mutilated, with body parts and internal organs having been extracted. In other words, these humans, people just like us, were mutilated just as animals often are by extraterrestrials.

Whoever these alien beings are, they seem, judging by all this evidence, to be either immoral or amoral. That is, they either know what morals are but don’t care to use them, or they have no concept at all of morality when it comes to other sentient and non-sentient creatures. We humans are treated by them in exactly the same way as cattle, sheep, and horses have so often been in the past. 

This should worry us! This should make us fear such beings in the extreme! If all this is true, then extraterrestrials, at least some of them, are not our “space brothers” or “space friends.” Instead, they are something to be avoided at any cost, and should be feared as truly horrible creatures, creatures who don’t seem to care about human lives or suffering in the least, or even that of our livestock animals. There’s no other way to really put it; it seems they do see us as nothing better than the beasts of the field, and so should be treated and used in exactly the same way. Or so they apparently think.

And that, I think, should worry us…a lot!

Source www.alienxpo.com

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karenm72 September 11, 2020 - 5:41 am

I had a missing time and bright light experience some time ago, I could not discuss this for weeks after, when I arrived home I was physically shaken and my husband had been worried as I called him and hour earlier when I was only a kilometre from home. Certain times during each month I get terrified for no apparent reason.
I have since seen UFO’s on a couple of occasions, one hovered above my house and as it left vertically it seemed to punch a round ring into space, leaving a dark colour that seemed to be a glimpse into another dimension or deep space that closed after a few seconds.
I have always believed aliens are using humans for experiments and maybe food. Great article.

JBosh December 18, 2019 - 3:05 am

Number 3 if down right terrifying! I am definitely afraid that aliens have zero empathy. I’m hoping there are some good aliens out there, but they probably just see us as we see flies. Easy to study, and kill. Great article! This definitely had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.


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