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Humans will be happy if aliens invade Earth, scientists find

by Alien UFO Sightings

The work represents some of the first detailed research on how humans would react to meeting aliens

Humans will actually be very happy to meet aliens, according to new research.

Hollywood might have led us to expect that an alien invasion would be greeted with tanks and guns. But some of the first serious research into how people would feel about meeting extraterrestrials shows that we would be far more positive than you might think.

“If we came face to face with life outside of Earth, we would actually be pretty upbeat about it,” said Arizona State University Assistant Professor of Psychology Michael Varnum. “So far, there’s been a lot of speculation about how we might respond to this kind of news, but until now, almost no systematic empirical research.”

To explore how people might react, scientists had them read news reports about a number of potential alien discoveries. They then found out how they were feeling after doing so – exploring whether they seemed excited or fearful – using a special software programme that could analyse people’s language.

Their reactions were very positive, the researchers found. Subjects said they would be excited even if the life was primitive or happening elsewhere – as any encounter with extraterrestrials is likely to actually be.

Further work had people describe how they thought microbial life would be found on another planet, and how they would react. Again, the software found that people were more positive about that news than negative.

Another study divided into people two groups, and had them read stories about the potential discovery of alien life or the possible creation of synthetic human life in a lab. It found they were very excited to read about the alien life – far more excited than they would be about the creation of life on Earth.

And additional research looked at one of the most famous pieces of news about the potential of alien life in recent weeks. Scientists had people read about the suggestion that a a rock flying past Earth – known as Oumuamua – could in fact be an alien spacecraft, in news that sounded like something out of science fiction.

It found that people were very excited about that possibility, despite the fact it could mean aliens were headed towards Earth.

Professor Varnum said that taken together the studies seemed to suggest “if we find out we’re not alone, we’ll take the news rather well”.

Source www.independent.co.uk

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Dragonfly43 January 31, 2020 - 5:57 pm

It’s pretty arrogant of anyone to think we are the only, or most intelligent, creatures in the universe!

Frederick January 31, 2020 - 1:29 pm

It is entirely up to you, if you wish to accept the information from the Independent News Media as true and correct. But for me I know exactly what I would do, and it would not be shaking hands or tentacles. There is so much ignorance in the world about why Aliens, not would, but why they are here in our world, because this is certainly the case. There are now many thousands if not millions of Humans that understand too well, what this means and they would do everything in their power to remove such arrogant and presumptuous Beings from our world. This of cause would include the Agents of the Aliens known as their Hybrids. Any Alien coming to our world will be the Parasites of the Universe and not Spiritual Beings of Enlightenment. They are far from Beings of this stature, and are in truth Parasites that will look to overtake the Human Race to gain control of our Planet and the many scarce resources that naturally abundant on our Planet. Many many Humans are now gaining their relationship with Knowledge the Greater Power that resides within the Human, and this will be beyond the comprehension of the Intervening Aliens in our world. When I refer to Aliens, I refer to their Hybrids also. They are not Human Beings for I know of they are the Alien Pet creatures, and they are not in our world for the benefit of Humans. They are here as the Alien prospectors trying to forge a relationship with the world in order to take the reigns of power away from Human Beings. There have been many errors made in the Aliens assumptions regarding Human Beings, this they will discover when it is far to late to change their plans. They have used up many of their resources to put their program of Hybridisation into practice in our world, and in the end, it will be the Human Race who will benefit. Surely, they must have noticed how quickly they learn and take advantage of ideas and new understandings at any opportunity! This should be a warning sign for them. But they have removed themselves from this Planet for the time being, due to the Galactic vibrational adversity that has arrived in our area of the Galaxy. It will be here for about a thousand years, and if they return at this time, well they will be in for a shocking return. The populations of the world have over populated this world, this is a normal feature for the adolescent populations, you see. But in a thousand years, well, this will be a completely different world and a different population and a more advanced population also. Their intelligence will be far ahead of what it is now, and it will be a Spiritual Intelligence, for our world will be living in the Way of Knowledge. Mentally, as a Race of Beings they will surpass the Aliens in every aspect. I am speaking to you now, at this time. But the times I speak about will be the times I will be back in this world again. You must understand, Humans come to this world for a Purpose, they do not come here for the Purpose of survival and gratification, they have a Higher connection and Heritage. you will not understand what I am speaking about, and this is a shame.

jamesgtmoore January 30, 2020 - 10:36 pm

One of the prerequisites that the Plejaren have for contacting a human race openly is that they must all already have the opinion that life exists elsewhere in the universe.


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