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Scientists Say We Travel To Parallel Universe When We Dream

by Alien UFO Sightings

Every night, humans have an average of 6-10 dreams. A few minutes after being awoken, these dreams are usually forgotten. However, what if there’s actual meaning to dreams that would make them more lucrative to remember?

Modern science, as well as Native American tribes and Mexican nations, believe that we, or at least our brains visit a ” parallel universe ” when we dream. This would explain why humans can dream in color, and can senses with all five feelings what’s happening within the dream.

If you’ve ever dreamed of eating your grandmother’s signature apple pie per se, have you ever realized that it feels like you can taste and smell the delicious pie in front of you? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of riding a roller coaster and felt the thrill of riding it as it climbs up the steep hills and rushes down the ramps.

The True Science Of Parallel Universes

Mystics also believe that there are places where dreaming takes place, but have related it to supernatural beings such as ghosts and spirits. However, since 1920 scientists have been trying to avoid such questionable beings, and in their quest to find the ideal place of nuclear particles to host dreams, they realized that such a formation would be impossible on Earth. Thus they shifted the argument away from the supernatural, and into an arguably more confusing field of physics.

An example of the scientist’s theory of parallel universes would be to think of two worlds: one in which you are born, and one in which you aren’t. Logically, you can never be in such a “dual” state within one dimension, and thus the need for multiple parallel dimensions arises.

Think about it: in another world, there could be a copy of yourself who does things slightly differently, and as a result may have a better life than you. In another world, there could be a person like you who didn’t forget his lines at the corporate meeting. In another world, there could be another version of you who understands what is going on with our dreams–and maybe by then, we’ll know if the scientists or the mystics win out on this debate.

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Pat January 25, 2020 - 11:45 pm

I have had many dreams since I was a tiny girl that have come true. I have even had a dream and was awakened during that dream and finished that dream the next night. I have had many dreams that I have had over and over again right through adulthood and waned during my 60’s. Most of my dreams are of me running through fields of flowers or almost always with beautiful turquois or aqua water in them. I’ve always wondered about dreams.

Frederick January 25, 2020 - 8:14 pm

This post is complete rubbish, and in truth this is what is expected of scientists. They do not have a clue how the creation was achieved or how the atoms and molecules first came into being. They take material that already exists and use it to produce theories and hole ridden explanations has to how the universe was created forgetting there was nothing, not a single atom to get it started. It is the same with the Chinese dabbling with the various Genetic materials to reproduce a clone reproduction. They then call their results creation, when in fact it is nothing of the kind. It is the same as a farmer that sows the seeds he has gathered from previous crops. It is just reproduction and not creation. The Aliens who have designed and cloned the Hybrids are under the same opinion as our scientists. You see, you cannot create anything that is already created, you can only manipulate the original. Now, do our scientists know and comprehend where our mind resides, or any mind from any species? Do our scientists have a positive description of what they say is our parallel Universe? I know, they don’t know, they are not advanced enough yet in the realm of Spirituality and this goes for all the Aliens intervening in our world, they are devoid of Spirituality and only have understanding of the Mental Environment and that is it. Scientists say they have created a lifelike Material that has metabolism! But in reality all they have done is manipulate the material already there. Are they trying to become a god? I think so, but they are not advanced enough to know what God is or how God works Its wonders in the many universes, not apparent to the Beings of this dimension. We has physical Beings, and I speak for all the Beings of this universe, are so retarded in their advancement Spiritually, that they dare even think of an appropriate likeness to God. You see, there are billions upon billions and billions of worlds that support intelligent life in our universe. Some are extremely advanced in Spirituality and living in the way of Knowledge, that they become invisible and fade from view to anything that is of a lower advancement. The Aliens intervening in our world do not comprehend this and it is far beyond them to fathom the workings of God in this process. When these truly advanced worlds fade and disappear, they have ascended to another dimension. All Physical Beings of this universe, have the potential to advance through our Spiritual Heritage. This Heritage is not part of the Flesh and the physical form, it pertains to the Spirit that lives within us, for all sentient and intelligent Beings are blessed with Knowledge, The Greater Spirit God placed within the original Spirit, has it left the Domain of God the Creator to experience existence without the Creator. To assist and safeguard the Spirit in its journey in the physical dimension and to find its way back to the Creator, the Creator placed within the Spirit, a Greater Spirit that will not leave the Realm of the Creator, and in this way, the Original Spirit will find its way back to the Creator of all life. There is far more to this truth, but this is not the time or place to reveal it to you. Those who genuinely seek the advancement of Spirituality and seek Knowledge will understand this. Are you ready to seek the Spirituality of your life to gain Knowledge?


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