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Mediavine Woman’s Protective “Alien” Facehugger Mask Goes Viral (12 Pics)

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With so many people seeking protective covering during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s no wonder people are starting to get creative. One look on Etsy and you’ll see hand-sewn masks of all sorts—from fake Gucci ones to things that look like they were made from your grandmother’s tablecloth. But have you seen a mask that will scare children? Probably not.

One Germany-based artist, whose name on Facebook is Lady Frankenstein, sewed her husband a massive Facehugger mask—from the film Alien. Yep, it’s huge and creepy and…we hope it does the trick (you know, keeping germs out…and people far, far away). 

The Facehugger mask sits on the face of the “host” while the legs grip around his face and its tail around his neck.

Lady Frankenstein wrote, “THE ALIA MASK (Part 3, the completion). So, after applying the paint, the mask is finished. I replaced the upper satin band for elastic afterward! Now she sits perfectly! Will now make a Steampunk version for me after I finish his! I’ve already started, let’s see what I can think of. Tomorrow we’ll go shopping well masked!”

Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook
Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook
Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook
Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

Luckily, Lady Frankenstein isn’t just rewarding her partner with her creations. One lucky buyer will be able to scoop up a mask on eBay: 

In one post, she writes, “CAUTION!! A FACEHUGGER GOES TO EBAY! My Facehugger mask is currently going viral around the world….I decided to take another 20 hours to make another Facehugger mask! An original Lady Frankenstein Facehugger mask for one of you! It will be ready by Friday, when I post it on Ebay!”

Because of how incredibly amazing her work is, the masks went viral—even getting some much-deserved coverage in SYFY.

She told SYFY that the idea came from her originally creating a mask for herself with tentacles, which her husband was obviously super jealous of: “Since we both think the Alien films are very cool and are big fans of them, I suggested to my husband to make a Facehugger as a mask. He was thrilled with the idea and I started.”

But how did she do it? The mask is made of something called Super Sculpey, a modeling clay that you bake in the oven. It took her 20 hours to create!

Her step-by-step process breakdown is here, but let’s take a look at the mask in each stage of its life. First, she starts with a tin foil mold.

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Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

She then applies a bit of the super sculpt and goes from there.

Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

Here are all the super creepy legs:

Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

..as well as the horribly scary-looking tail thing.

Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

And here it is, nearly alive…

Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

It’s alive!!!

Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook
Via Lady Frankenstein/Facebook

People obviously LOVED the Alien facehugger mask:

Source ruinmyweek.com

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