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Footage Showing US Soldiers Talking About Various Alien Beings, UFOs And Majestic 12

by Alien UFO Sightings
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This recent video was leaked all over the internet, garnering very different responses from all around the globe. In this footage, you can clearly see a group of army soldiers openly discussing aliens and all that there is to them. The video went viral almost overnight, mainly thanks to the relaxed tone used by the soldiers. It is quite reassuring to see someone talk to a group of people about this subject so effortlessly, as in most cases people would rather ridicule and mock over listening in on what you have to say.

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We see one of these soldiers, which is the main focus of this video, talk about his experiences with aliens and UFOs, even going as far as drawing the face of one of these aliens that he’s spotted himself.

What shocked most watchers is the fact that the soldier even mentioned the famous Majestic 12 program, giving us some insight, we never even considered before.

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