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Aliens And God – Would UFO Disclosure Collapse Religion?

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Aliens and god? Are they one and the same?

You’ll get plenty of arguments from both sides on this question. One side will claim we were seeded on this planet by extraterrestrials while the other side will say those who believe aliens and god are the same, are being deceived by Satan.

As a person of faith, I can see the merits in both arguments.

As a journalist, I was taught to question everything and am really only interested in getting to the truth.

So, are aliens and god the same thing? At the moment, we as a race are still in the presentation of evidence stage. The jury is still listening to both sides of the argument and the final verdict could still be a long way off.

Aliens And God And The Religious UFO Cover Up?

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Maybe the question we should be asking concerning aliens and god is…”has there been a religious cover up”.

The government often comes under scrutiny when it comes to ufos and seems to have done everything in its power to keep us from learning the truth.

But what about the religious hierarchy? What would happen to religion if the truth about ufos and aliens was revealed?

Hasn’t the religious world got a lot to lose if ET is officially declared real? Pope John Francis once joked about baptizing a Martian if they came to the Vatican and asked.

But the seemingly extra attention the Vatican has been paying to the stars in the past couple of decades has raised plenty of eyebrows. Are they preparing for something?

Aliens, God, Religion And Disclosure

I posed the question about a religious ufo cover up and the effect disclosure would have on religion to respected researcher, author and filmmaker L.A. Marzulli during Aliens Revealed Live.

Marzulli was quite forthright in his response. He believes disclosure would collapse the world’s religious systems as we know it.

“It will collapse religion. It will absolutely and utterly collapse the world’s religious systems as we know it. And I’ve written about this extensively”.

“That’s why I call it the coming great deception. It is the mega lever. It is the lie that we read about prophetically written thousands of years ago because humankind did not believe the truth”.

“What is the truth? That God created everything. He tells them a lie. What is the lie? Well, the springboard to the lie is the Darwinian paradigm, which was just kind of manufactured about 150 years ago”.

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“It’s like, well, all this just sort of happened over billions of years. Well, isn’t that convenient?”.

“No one knows where it started from. No one knows where the first self-replicating molecule happened into existence. Nobody knows. Nobody knows where we are or what this is in the universe”.

The End Game – What Is It?

Marzulli creates a compelling scenario for why ufo disclosure would collapse the present religious systems.

It’s not that the current religious systems would disappear, but moreover replaced by one umbrella system. He says it’s all part of the coming great deception.

In the following excerpt from Marzulli’s interview with Aliens Revealed Live’s Dean Caporella, he talks about the collapse of religion, aliens and god and distinguishing between the two and the books of the bible.

The book of Enoch in particular.

Source arlhub.com

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1 comment

Frederick. October 8, 2020 - 11:26 am

Thank you, for this post and much of its misleading information. You have absolutely no understanding for what you speak of here, You have no awareness of what is Religious from what is Spiritual. The Societies which formulate our education and what the Education establishments give to us, their ideas and idealism is distorted, misinterpreted and misleading and here, you yourself have fallen into the trap of absorbing this distortion. You must understand, religion and its message has been overtaken, misused, abused through the many centuries, from authoritative figures looking to use the original Message has a pathway for their own power and control of the masses. You yourself, more than likely do not understand who you yourself are. But if I say to you, your mind and its body are not the sum total of who you are and that they amount to what is temporary and disposable, you will be utterly confused at what I say. The body of flesh and its mind are but a vessel, a vehicle for a greater mind and a greater Being. This is the Human Families heritage. This why this world has become the home of the Human Family. You see, this is contrary to what is believed, yet it is the truth. Belief is but a substitute for the truth, but the truth will always be the truth regardless of beliefs. This is but a small piece of information that will lead you to the truth. The Intervention in our world by Greater Community forces will be resolved and removed. This is not a promise but a fact. The Intervention does not understand the Spiritual nature of the Human Being and its relationship with the Creator of all life. For only a few of Humanity in relationship with Knowledge, and are apposed to the the Alien Intervention, then the Creator will also intervene. This will be catastrophic for the Intervention and those that support it, Be warned and be prepared for this event!!


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