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Uri Geller claims aliens to ‘make contact’ after visiting Earth for thousands of years

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URI Geller claims aliens are preparing to “make contact” with the human race and that UFOs have been visiting our planet secretly for thousands of years.

The psychic, 74, famed for his ability to bend spoons, told The Sun Online that “there is no doubt in my mind” that extraterrestrials exist and claims to have had his own experience with UFOs.

Uri Geller is known for his bending of spoons
The spoon bender compared first contact to a ‘Steven Spielberg scenario’ – such as  Close Encounters of the Third Kind

His wild claim comes as bombshell NASA documents revealed the space agency believes that aliens may have already visited Earth.

Uri has previously been acquainted with UFOs through his work with the CIA and claims to have been shown alien crash wreckage at NASA.

The Israeli-born mystifier told The Sun Online: “I think they are studying us. I don’t know what they really want.

“But I think they are preparing us for contact for the Steven Spielberg scenario of landing and it’s going to be spectacular.”

“They will probably land on the White House lawn or somewhere. All our science fiction films about alien encounter will come true.

“I don’t think we are talking about thousands or even hundreds of years. If I had to guess, a rational and logical guess, I would say 60 to 75 years it’s going to happen.”

Uri referenced recent videos, filmed by US Navy pilots, released by the Pentagon this year which shows UFOs darting around at speeds human-built aircraft are unable to replicate.

He said the footage apparently showing this advanced technology proves our alien visitors are not here to hurt us.

“There is no doubt in my mind that they are gentle and I’ll tell you why – if they weren’t we would have been destroyed a long time ago,” he said.

“Their ability to move in such erratic ways has never been seen before. It’s simply unbelievable.”

He added: “I think the Pentagon know much more but they’re not telling us.”

Uri claims he was shown a piece of a crashed alien spacecraft by renowned German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun in the 1970s while the Israeli was using his powers to help the CIA.

The pair were introduced to each other at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre by mutual friend Edgar Mitchell – an American astronaut who was the sixth man to walk on the moon.

He said: “After driving with Wernher Von Braun we took three flights of stairs down into the building and were given orange coats like the ones for Antarctic expeditions (with blue NASA embroidered badges).

“Heavy, thick freezer doors were opened. I could not believe my eyes but I always knew it since I was 5.

“To my shocking surprise he showed me a piece of a crashed UFO.”

The existence of UFOs is no longer a fringe conspiracy theory but a genuine national security debate in the US.

And just this month US Congress passed a mammoth defence bill, which included provisions for a new UFO investigations unit – a real life X-Files.

Uri said the scientist drove him to a secret location on NASA groundsCredit: Twitter

Uri also said his pal Mitchell told him he had experiences with aliens while travelling through space.

He said: “He did an ESP (extrasensory perception) experiment on the moon. He saw something out of the spacecraft – but he couldn’t talk about these things openly because of the credibility factor.

“Because of NASA secrets and so on.

“He told me aliens exist. He knows it for a fact because he’s seen things. That’s as far as I can talk.”

Uri says he believes famous monuments on Earth were built by ancient aliens.

He said: “I believe extraterrestrials have been visiting our planet – some of the monuments around the world such as Stonehenge were built with acoustical energy by extraterrestrial knowledge that was given to the locals.

“The Pyramids in Egypt and Easter Island in Chile as well. There is no doubt that they were built with higher knowledge.”

In the 1970s, Uri was subjected to a series of secret experiments that aimed to weaponize psychic abilities, CIA documents reveal.

During these tests, Geller sat in a sealed and monitored room where he was asked to draw words and objects using his psychic powers.

The researchers concluded Uri “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner”.

Uri told The Sun “I did dozens of missions” for spy agencies in Israel and the US.

He insists he is unable to talk about the vast majority of his work with governments because the missions are “top secret”.

To find out more about Uri Geller please visit his website by clicking this link.

His new book ‘Use Your Psychic Powers To Have It All’ is available at watkinspublishing.com and all good book retailers

Uri’s new book is out now.

Source www.thesun.co.uk

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