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This scientist says we shouldn’t try to contact aliens. Here’s why

by Alien UFO Sightings

Mark Buchanan, a physicist in Europe, says we may want to cool it on the hunt for aliens

Mark Buchanan, a physicist and writer from Europe, has a rather hot take when it comes to the search for aliens — let’s not find them.

In a new piece for The Washington Post, Buchanan suggests that “contacting aliens could end all life on Earth.”

He suggests that the recent push to find aliens might not be the best idea. Contacting another civilization could have direct consequences, he said.

  • “The search for aliens has reached a stage of technological sophistication and associated risk that it needs strict regulation at national and international levels,” he wrote. “Without oversight, even one person — with access to powerful transmitting technology — could take actions affecting the future of the entire planet.”

Consider technology as well. According to Buchanan, any potential life form we contact will have improved technology that could surpass our own. And these aliens — who would likely be way older than earthlings — haven’t made contact for a reason.

  • “More alarming is the possibility that alien civilizations are remaining out of contact because they know something: that sending out signals is catastrophically risky,” he wrote. “Our history on Earth has given us many examples of what can happen when civilizations with unequal technology meet — generally, the technologically more advanced has destroyed or enslaved the other. A cosmic version of this reality might have convinced many alien civilizations to remain silent. Exposing yourself is an invitation to be preyed upon and devoured.”

The search for aliens and unidentified flying objects has kicked up in recent weeks because of an upcoming U.S. Department of Defense report, which will explain all investigations by the U.S. government into UFO incidents.

The final report — which has not been released — won’t provide any evidence of UFOs involving aliens or extraterrestrial life, though, according to BBC News, However, the report doesn’t rule those out as possibilities, either.

Rep. Michael Waltz of the House Armed Services Committee told CNN that the report’s findings will be somewhat troubling even if the flying objects don’t come from aliens.

“But it’s disturbing either way, you know, is this alien life or do adversaries or someone else have capabilities that far exceed anything we have the ability to understand track or counter? Either way it’s really bad,” he said.

Source www.deseret.com

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Tommy Hawksblood January 24, 2022 - 7:12 pm

Greetings. That is ridiculous saying we should not make contact. But I have been in the field since 1958. I have my own experiences, But worked with over a thousand of people. Do we want to talk about facts or stories. I will put this out there there are no such things a s GOOD ALIENS. I do not care what many people say. They have never done anything to help the world. The most dangerous thing that happened was what they gave to Tesla, It is slowly destroying the planet. I do a few shows a week. Want to ask question any time. Hawksblood Hawksblood1 on YouTube many of my shows are on there. I do a show with one of the most important abductees out there. Every Tuseday. 11A.M Ca times

Reallytickedoff January 23, 2022 - 4:47 pm

We don’t have to contact them. We have already contacted them and them us. The US is working with them on other planets and there are humans living on, or inside of other planets. I have been in contact with them and so have thousands of other people. Theis is a stupid and hateful article you put out. You do not know what you are doing or saying. Don’t even try to dissuade us from believing about aliens and the contact of them. You are harming the believers and yourselves with your misinformation!


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