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The True Purpose Of The Ancient Pyramids Has Been FINALLY DISCOVERED

by Alien UFO Sightings

Mainstream historians will tell you that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a glorified tomb for the Egyptian pharaohs. The only original monument left of the original Seven Wonders of the World, this structure was created with impeccable mathematical precision, and is a unique, mysterious feat of construction and engineering.

There’s only one problem; the Great Pyramid has none of the characteristics of tombs: including extravagant artifacts, ornate wall art, sealed entrances, elaborate coffins, or even mummies themselves. It was, however built with unique – the same materials that are used for electrical conductivity today. These facts are leading more and more historians to believe the pyramids may have had a far more useful purpose. ..that pyramid of Giza was not at all a tomb, but a power plant: generating and transmitting electricity to the civilization surrounding them. Sound impossible?



To start, it’s important to comprehend the tremendous effort that went into creating these monuments. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of among no less than 118 of these structures in Egypt alone – and that doesn’t even include those pyramids in other parts of the world. Given our current understanding of how early civilizations built their monuments, it would have taken no less than 20 years to build these so-called “tombs”– and that’s if no less than 20,000 workers worked DAILY. To this day, historians STILL can’t prove exactly HOW – or WHEN – they were built, since the blocks weigh an average of 2.5 tons, and we are boggled by how ropes, pulleys, and waterways somehow moved and lifted these enormous blocks. No one can duplicate the effort with the same materials; it remains a mystery.

This leads us to ask what resting place for the dead could possibly be so important that it would warrant such phenomenal effort, time, and precise engineering? Even without knowing that they have nothing in common with regular tombs, you only need to stand before them to realize… that’s a lot of work for a cadaver! Naturally, we make conclusions based on the assumption that ancient civilizations were more primitive than us… but what if intellectual evolution isn’t always linear… can advanced technology be lost, and rediscovered centuries later? Is it possible that an ancient culture had knowledge of – and used – electrical power?


To know for sure, let’s look at another case where the technology of power generation appears to have been used – and then, forgotten. We know Edison and Tesla brought electricity into common use at the turn of the 19th century. Yet, In Iraq in 1934, three artifacts were found together: a ceramic pot, a tube of copper, and a rod of iron which – when combined with a liquid acid – can be used to create chemical reactions that produce an electric charge. Known as the Baghdad -or Parthian- battery, these materials date back 2000 years.

Ten years after their discovery, someone using grape juice with similar materials to successfully generate a few volts of electricity. This process has since been demonstrated on the Discovery Channel’s program Myth Busters, where lemon juice activated the electrochemical reaction between the copper and iron, producing 4 volts of electricity. Nowadays, you can simply search online to find instructions on how to create your own battery using these chemical principles… but historians have long assumed that thousands of years ago.. there was no knowledge of this technology… that this archeological find is mere “coincidence” even though we’ve long marveled over artifacts with intricate gold plating – which requires electricity to be created.) Quite simply, energy generation happens as result of simple chemical principles, and can be done by anyone 4 basic materials.


So here are some important facts about the structure and materials of the pyramids: For starters, it contains angled tunnels which lead not only into the pyramid, but deep underground, to areas claimed to still be unexplored. What tomb needs a shaft directed into the earth?

We also know that centuries ago, there were enormous swivel doors that weighed no less than 20 tons, but miraculously, was so well engineered, it could be entered with the push of a hand. Since No Egyptian tomb has ever been found to be deliberately accessible, what was their interest in continuing to “visit” the mummies – or could such a door have served the purpose of containing and insulating the space inside


Though you’d almost never know it, The Great Pyramids of Giza were once covered in white, polished limestone, referred to as “casing stones”. The cuts made in this reflective stone were angled perfectly, so it would have had a smooth, flat appearance. This would have made the giant structures brightly reflect the light of the sun like a mirror. It also would have made perfect insulation inside the structure.

A large earthquake in 1303 AD disrupted the casing stones, so they were removed to use on other structures. Today, all that remains is the inner core of the pyramid. The image of the incredible amount of light that would have reflected from the monument raises curiosity… as does the reason for the insulation. Was there a desire to draw attention to their dead? …to keep the mummies warm . or cool? Or something else?

Next, the material, Dolomite was used on the inner surfaces. Dolomite is known to increase electrical conductivity directly relative to the amount of pressure on it: high pressure creates more electrical current.

Next, Lining the passageways and underground tunnels of the pyramids is granite, which is slightly radioactive. Granite contains high amounts of quartz crystal and metal, a well-known conductor of piezo-electricity, piezoelectricity occurs as result of stress or pressure on the quartz.. as demonstrated by the Wristwatches which can be charged simply by rapidly shaking them. This Granite actually ionizes the air inside the pyramid, creating a chemical reaction which – again – increases the conductivity of electricity. When such electrons are given the chance to bypass sections of rock via a metal wire, quite large currents can flow.

Another important material used is to construct them is the mysterious mortar – half a million tons of it – which holds the giant stones in place. Though it’s been analyzed many times, modern technology has yet to exactly recreate the same gypsum – which comes from sediment –used on the pyramids. This gypsum can withstand tremendous pressure, and astoundingly, is even stronger than the stones themselves. Clearly, it has thus contributed to keeping the monument intact for thousands of years – but could there be another reason why they used a material which could withstand such high pressure?

So Limestone, dolomite, granite… supposedly constructed for a tomb, are in fact, analogous to the exact materials we use to make electrical wires. They also share a relationship with pressure, which increases their electro-conductivity.
We must ask if there might be other reasons why the ancients constructed the monuments with electrical properties that would withstand the high pressure? …


North west of the Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara is an area called The Serapeum. Here there are 20 huge granite “boxes” – each weighing 100 tons – classic Egyptologists say to be the coffins of the pharaohs. Yet, The granite here came from 500 miles away, and each box is so large and so heavy, that there is no possible way it could fit through the existing tunnels and entrances. These supposed “sarcophagi” were therefore somehow built into the structure with such precision, they are within a 10,000th of an inch of being perfectly flat. Since these supposed “sarcophagi”- or coffins – are clearly way too large for a human being, the accepted theory is that they were – yes, believe this – bull coffins…, for their “pharaoh’s prized bulls.”

Each and every one of these huge “boxes” also has a giant lid carved from the exact same stone. In the meantime, any electrical engineer will explain that a container serving as an an energy capacitor – or battery – must be made entirely of the same substance so there is no interruption in the magnetic field.

Could These boxes could be just that? If so, the centuries-old granite sarcophagus on display in an Egyptian museum that was thought to be “unfinished. ” Unlike those in the pyramids… This one is actually cracked – suggesting that perhaps, it was not unfinished, but simply abandoned because the crack which occurred would have interrupted the magnetic field, permitting it from successfully serving its purpose. So there is clear evidence to support the possibility of an electrical – unless you want to believe the bull … coffin. Theory.

To add to the mystery, in 1993, a mysterious, and inaccessible room was discovered underneath the pyramid, after remaining hidden for thousands of years. Appearing to have deliberately been concealed by the structure’s engineers, the room came to be called “the Queen’s chamber” – and was finally explored in 2011 with a small, remote camera to reveal…. a long-lost mummy? Hardly… it contained carefully crafted copper wire … and more importantly, there were instructions painted as symbols onto the floor, which appeared to show a clear wiring diagram.

Look at any battery, from those used in large power plants to the smallest pellet batteries used in wristwatches, and you’ll see that they require a metal – such as copper – to create the chemical reaction known as “potential difference”. you can run an electric current through a copper wire, and the coil will produce a short-range magnetic field. Add a second coil, and the power is transferred from one coil to the other – – works in an electric toothbrush, works well over short distances. In the right conditions, A windowless room with Copper pieces could create a higher potential on one wall which transfers energy to the lower potential on the other wall, consequentially releasing electromagnetic energy into the confined space.

Sadly, these wires have since disappeared entirely, and mainstream Egyptologists claim there is no functionality whatsoever to the room – as they also claim there is no functionality of anything in the structure beyond the ways it serves as a tomb. A good place to note, that the foremost Egyptologist Zahi Hawass was indicted for theft of Egyptian antiquities.


It could still be argued that the electrical materials used to construct the Great pyramid are simply coincidental.. an energy generator still requires a catalyst from another source. Perhaps then, this explains why the pyramids are geographically located over the most natural power generators: underground rivers and aquifers. Physio-electricity could be harnessed from the power of the current as water flows . since it’s been proven that thousands of years ago, the Nile river passed directly by where the structures now stand. Of course, this debates the age of the pyramids themselves… along with weathering on the nearby Sphynx, which indicates that they endured tremendous water erosion, and would indicate that the monuments are actually double the age they are currently assumed to be. Perhaps that would explain why there is no mention of the pyramids or of their creation in any of the Egyptian writings….

So if water was a source of power, it would have traveled up the limestone based on the principle of Capillary Action, which happens when a small area of a substance that gets wet absorbs into the entire area. This is how the water travels over water flowing near or underneath the pyramid could have been absorbed as it passed over the limestone, even traveling upward to the top of the structure. The quartz in the tunnels of the pyramids would subject to the stress, or vibration, creating Piezoelectricity  The high force, the speed of the rising water and the pressure would be analogous to filling a syringe… generating electromagnetic energy within the structure by the materials within, and conducting it upward to the capstone… But why?

The pyramid has the Geographical location magnifies the electromagnetic forces on the planet, where Telluric currents are at their strongest. Electromagnetic field at the bottom of the pyramid would rise to the upper layers. We don’t know for sure what capped the pyramid, but there is speculation that the actual cap may have been gold – explaining, why it has long since been missing. Gold could have created a conductive path for energy to be directed upwards – directing it high into the ionosphere

If the reason for the superconductive materials used to create this monument was energy… then the potential for something even more amazing would have be possible: electricity … without any artificially integrated conduction material or means … could have transmitted wirelessly through natural means through the air and to the surrounding area. Sound far-fetched?

One bold and extraordinary man swore this was possible,… and he may have shown us how


We know of Nikola Tesla as the solitary genius responsible for the Electric engine, radio, laser, radar, and for creating a tremendous competitive spirit in Thomas Edison. We know that he Sought above all to serve mankind, not to self indulge for profit. In fact, despite his extraordinary contributions, He is scarcely known or credited for his genius. At the 1893 World’s Fair, Tesla transmitted electricity naturally to light a bulb he held in his hands, and that he created the Tesla coil, which is used more for show than the function it was intended to serve. Most importantly, we know that Tesla Claimed adamantly that he had perfected the method of harnessing and transmitting free, wireless energy from a source using the electromagnetic nature of the earth.

In the patent he filed in September in 1897 he claimed that at 30,000 feet altitude there was a stratum of “rarified air” that would conduct electric currents at high voltages. His proposed system was a transmitter (left) consisting of a high voltage resonant transformer (C,A) which increased the voltage produced by an alternating current generator (G) to millions of volts. A wire (B) suspended by a balloon (D) would transfer the current to the atmosphere. At the receiving point (right), a similar balloon-borne electrode (D’ ) would receive the electricity and a transformer (C’, A’ ) would reduce the voltage to a convenient potential to be used by consumers

In an experiment the last week of July in 1903, nearby residents claimed to have witness Tesla successfully conduct his experiment at the Wardencyffe tower – while Tesla himself later shared how his new method of conductivity had lit up the night sky as if it were a giant fluorescent tube.  It’s even been said – though that he successfully wireless transmitted pictures and sounds, though all of his work has been mercilessly destroyed, this cannot be proven.

Sadly, all his technology was confiscated shortly after, apparently, the money he owed was far more important to his financers than the potential of providing free energy to the planet.

Tesla died in poverty, and the US government destroyed his tower claiming it was being used by German spies… the implications of the world having free power may have changed our history forever.


Let’s Compare Tesla’s technology to the pyramids: the location, the height, the electromagnetic materials, we’ve seen induction between copper wires work for short distances, For long distance transfer.. the same principle can be applied when Acoustic energy is converted to kinetic energy, and the Frequencies match.. In the way a sound wave that matches the unique resonant frequency of a glass will shatter it. So if there is a Magnetically oscillating current -and you create a second possessing the same frequency – wirelessly transmit, including through walls. The frequency which would have been released from the pyramid would have to have to have been matched in the surrounding area…

Perhaps this would explain the obelisks – . These tall monuments Contain a pyramid-shaped quartz stone on the top. The quartz on the obelisks would vibrate as a result of the Vibrations propagated by the great pyramid, generating piezo-electricity,

This would also explain the ancient carvings found in Egypt which so clearly indicate light sources, it’s boggling to think anyone would argue it. In the Hathor temple, the Dendera light is one such image, which perfectly resembles modern electrical technology, showing a wire inside of a bulb like area, and a box which appears to be a receiver. Across from this carving is a similar image, but the system appears to be falling into the hands of a reptilian looking being – as though it is warning of the potential of abuse of the technology.

Mainstream historians scoff and make more primitive conclusions but still, the pyramids show No signs of soot from flame torches. Instead, there are multiple carvings which show these “antennae”- like objects that appear to be a transmitter, near another object shaped like the famous symbol, the ankh which appears to be a receiver
Given what we know, it seems so much more believable that the great pyramid functioned Using the same principles and conditions as Tesla sought to demonstrate… that they conducted and direct electromagnetic energy into the Ionosphere, where it generated and transmitted electricity wirelessly to receivers within civilization.


We’ve long believed that the pyramids were just tombs – but this theory raises more questions than it answers: why do they have nothing in common with other tombs? Why the unique construction materials make to build it – including the very materials required for conducting power?

Why the oversized granite “boxes”: proven to have never contained mummies? … Or the ones that are clearly too large for humans? Why the alignment with the North Pole, the 20-ton swivel doors, intricate tunnels and chambers, shafts and tunnels that still hold areas yet undiscovered? Why is there no soot from fire torches anywhere inside the structure? Why the strange, intricate tunnel system the tunnels and labyrinths protruding deep into the earth, still eluding understanding by an advanced civilization?

More and more people are accepting the possibility that the great pyramid of Giza had a more important function then we understand.. We know there is a heightened Electromagnetic measurement around the pyramid equivalent to that made in an electrical storm. We also know that They are unique eight-sided- precise cuttings and the strange heat spots are observable only from space Unique electric materials, including copper, and design that suggests high pressure, water power … powerful magnetic structure and placement in the center for the continents, the alignment with the stellar constellations, and the unique art which shows clear depictions of wired light sources… suggest there is a lot more to the history than we’ve been told.

Some theories go so far as to suggest that The Arc of The Covenant was the cherished property king Ramses sought when he pursued Moses from Egypt.. and that it contained these secrets.

All these circumstances make the likelihood high that the pyramid was created to be a compact energy generator and broadcasting system transmits electricity wirelessly. The implications for this understanding of electrical power by an ancient culture are huge: re-writing history as we know it.

Do you think that free energy could be transmitted wirelessly around the world? And if you whether or not you do believe, do you think that if it really could, we’ know about it?

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John Fuhrmann January 19, 2022 - 7:53 am

Filled with half truths, downright lies and plenty of “suggestive” questions ala Chariots of the Gods, rather than cold, hard, FACTS. What a waste of time…

Danos Shukuroglou May 7, 2022 - 1:39 am

If you find it so boaring and full of lies, why do you read it? Have you got a bettere idea on the topic? Do you know something different and you express your opinion in the most stupid and arrogant manner? Perosnally, I believe there is more reality and substance in the article than anything else I read before. Allow your brain tio epxand, before you write such stupid comments. Think outside the “square”. The ancient Greeks had a saying:”Dip you tongue in your brain before you talk”. That is If you have one!

Conall Cannon August 19, 2020 - 9:33 pm

Has anyone investigated the monument of Newgrange in Ireland. Very dark inside no evidence of torch light ?


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