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YouTuber reportedly falls in love with an alien after being abducted

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Abbie Bela, a YouTuber, discovered her star-crossed sweetheart in a UFO. It all started when she allegedly joked online about wanting an extraterrestrial encounter.

YouTuber Abbie Bela found her star crossed lover in a UFO. Apparently it all happened when she ‘joked online about wanting an alien to abduct me.’

Bela has now recently made quite some revelations about her encounters with extraterrestrials.

Encountered five aliens

Bela had a unique story and explained how it wasn’t her first meeting with an alien. She said that her meeting commenced after the ‘white light’ and the alien commanded her to ‘wait in the usual spot.’

She waited, and she began to fall asleep around 12:15 a.m., a flying saucer swept into view. Before Bela knew it, she wasn’t in her bedroom any longer.

Bella added:

The next evening, I sat next to my open window. There was a bright green beam which transported me to the UFO.

Apparently, Bela found herself in the heart of a flying saucer, where only a few humans have ever been. In the UFO, Bela claims to have encountered five aliens and distinguished them as ‘tall and slim.’

Bela claimed:

I couldn’t see them clearly and [they] telepathically said I’m not ready to see them in their true form. But from what I could see, they had a slight green hue and big black eyes with human features, such as eyebrows.

Star crossed lovers

But, our fellow human was not scared one bit. On the contrary—she was lovestruck. Bela added:

There was one who connected with me. I didn’t get his name, but I felt exactly the same. He said I had to consent to go with them, but I didn’t want to say yes in case they took me forever.

Bela had to leave the UFO after only 20 minutes. Back on Earth, she mourned the chasm that existed between aliens and humans. Aliens offer an ‘extra quality of care,’ she said. Whereas, men on earth just ‘tell lies and have double standards.’

Source www.gentside.co.uk

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