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Bunker Punks PC & MAC *STEAM CD-KEY* – INSTANT DELIVERY 24/7 ๐Ÿ”‘๐Ÿ•น๐ŸŽฎ


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Bunker Punks is a fast paced rogue-light FPS set in a dystopian future. Run a group of revolutionaries and raid corporate strongholds for supplies, weapons and armor. Customize your bunker, train your gang and tear down the corporate government.


CLASSIC FPS GAMEPLAY โ€“ Heavily inspired by the classic FPS games of the early 90โ€™s: High-speed-action, circle-strafing and unloading a stream of bullets into enemies.

BUNKER BUILDING โ€“ Build and upgrade new rooms in your bunker to buff your punks, improve your economy and enable new abilities. Itโ€™s a non-linear skill tree for a wide variety of play styles.

RANDOMLY GENERATED LEVELS โ€“ Every level is procedurally generated. The layout is different, the enemies are different, the loot is different, even the propaganda posters on the walls are different. You never know whatโ€™s around the next corner.

CUSTOMIZATION โ€“ Combine loot, character attributes and bunker rooms to customize each character in your Bunker Punks gang

โ€œBunker Punks is crammed with a bunch of cool stuff.โ€

โ€œThis is Bunker Punks, and it’s pretty brilliant so far.โ€

โ€œEverything feels so good and precise.โ€
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