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Corel Painter 2020 – Download and Lifetime License Key PC & MAC

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Note: Lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices (works on PC and MAC).

PC Editors’ Choice Award Over 900 brushes and paper textures, integrates with Wacom and multi-touch MSRP: $429

As the most realistic and professional digital art studio, Painter® 2020 offers an expansive collection of Natural-Media® and unlimited art materials that exceed the creative needs of any illustrator, photographer or fine artist. With powerful in-app learning, a modern user interface, and custom brushes, you can create a painting or photo art for any genre. 

– The largest selection of Natural-Media brushes and canvas textures on the market, with wet, thick and dry media that looks and feels just like the real thing. 
– Create out-of-this-world art with Painter’s proprietary media, including Image Hoses that spray the object of your choice, along with Particles that spring, flow and glow. 
– Clone your images by dipping your brush directly into the photo or letting the AutoPainting palette rapidly paint a photo using your choice of brush and media. 
– Paint in perfect symmetry and perspective using built-in composition tools such as Mirror painting, Kaleidoscope, Divine Proportion, Rule of Thirds and Perspective Guides. 
– Create your own custom brushes and palettes, or import custom content from others that exponentially speeds up your artistic workflow. 
– Open .PSD files, import Photoshop brushes, or add amazing 2.5D texture. Experience the benefits of a drawing tablet plus enjoy painting on a Mac or Windows system.